No one in the Embarcadero area of San Francisco wants to go through life with discomfort in their teeth. Dealing with this discomfort can lead to patients not showing their smile as often as normal and not being the happy person that they once were. Depending on the type of symptoms patients are dealing with, a root canal may be the best option to help get their life back to normal.

Why A Root Canal Is Needed

Most of the time a root canal is needed when San Francisco and Embarcadero patients have a cavity that’s grown into the inner part of the tooth. While a root canal may be the solution for many types of discomfort patients feel, sometimes a dental filling is all that’s needed, or maybe even minor treatments for gum disease. The main reasons patients would need a root canal are:

  • Teeth grinding – The human jaw is very strong and can put a lot of pressure on the teeth when clenched down. When San Francisco and Embarcadero patients grind their teeth at night, they are risking cracking or fracturing the tooth enamel. And once the cracks happen, bacteria can easily enter the pulp chamber of the teeth and eventually create the need for a root canal.
  • Decay – When patients have a small cavity and don’t get it treated right away, there is a chance it will grow and cause an infection in the pulp chamber of the tooth. This can create slow decaying of the affected tooth or teeth. Many times, the only solution for this situation is to get a root canal.
  • Old fillings – Fillings won’t last forever, and sometimes when they crack or get removed from the tooth, the old cavity gets exposed. Unless a San Francisco patient goes to the dentist regularly, they may not know their old cavity is exposed until it’s too late. Bacteria can quickly find the center of the tooth, form an infection and require a root canal.
  • Trauma – Trauma can happen from any type of accident or injury. A root canal isn’t always necessary, but a visit to Dr. Skoulas is required to make the determination.

Knowing When A Root Canal Is Needed

When San Francisco and Embarcadero patients call our office to learn if they need a root canal, they are generally experiencing a significant amount of discomfort. Here are a few signs patients can look for to help determine if a root canal is needed:

  • Discomfort – Any time a tooth is infected, varying levels of discomfort will be experienced. Sometimes the level of discomfort rises when chewing with the particular tooth, but other times the tooth may be causing problems constantly. Nighttime discomfort could be caused by grinding teeth and could be a sign that a root canal is needed.
  • Sensitivity – It’s normal to have some sensitivity to certain foods or drinks at times. But when the sensitivity is constant and continues when the substance is swallowed, then there could be a larger problem present. Most of the time this extreme sensitivity will signify an infection that needs to be corrected with a root canal.
  • Swelling – Any time swelling occurs in the mouth area, immediate attention from a medical professional is needed. Sometimes swelling requires an antibiotic before anything else can happen.
  • No symptoms at all – Believe it or not, sometimes patients in San Francisco and Embarcadero need a root canal, and they don’t even know it. An infection can eventually make the nerves in a tooth deteriorate to the point where patients can’t feel anything. This is one of the main reasons why Dr. Skoulas performs X-rays to identify any potential problems the patient may not be able to feel.

Benefits Of A Root Canal

Living with tooth pain isn’t something anyone in the Embarcadero area of San Francisco wants to deal with. When patients get a root canal with Dr. Skoulas, they will be getting the best possible treatment and be well on their way to living their normal life again. A root canal is a very involved procedure, but it’s also very routine for Dr. Skoulas. The benefits of getting a root canal include removing the bacteria from the crown of the tooth, as well as the root, sealing and protecting the tooth, and eliminating the discomfort felt.

Getting a root canal with Dr. Skoulas is even more beneficial since she will:

  • Thoroughly examine the patient’s teeth to determine what the best approach is to fix
  • Use her advanced endodontic system to complete any root canal effectively and efficiently.
  • Refer some patients to a reputable and experienced endodontist for complex cases, if it is in the best interest of the patient.

Not only will patients feel better after a root canal with Dr. Skoulas, but they will also like the appearance of the tooth since she uses porcelain components that look like natural teeth.

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Dr. Antigone Skoulas San Francisco

SF dentist Dr. Antigone Skoulas prioritizes patient comfort, efficiency, and quality care.

She ensures that those under her treatment understand their options and have confidence in their procedures, and she adds to the capabilities of our SF practice through her professional development as a dentist and the knowledge of her staff.

About Dr. Skoulas

What To Expect Throughout The Process

Dr. Skoulas always performs a thorough examination of her patient’s teeth before recommending any procedure. Many times, she can identify problems with their initial examination, but other times. X-rays may be required to determine the actual cause of the discomfort patients are feeling. X-rays can also help determine the severity of the problem and confirm whether a simple root canal is needed or if other procedures are required. During the process of visiting with Dr. Skoulas and getting a root canal, patients can expect to:

  • Get a recommendation from her about the timing of getting the root canal, which could be immediately or in the near future.
  • Have the blood vessel and nerve of the infected tooth removed to put a stop to the discomfort, which can take about an hour.
  • Have a follow-up procedure to seal off the root to prevent another infection. Depending on the situation, patients may be able to have the follow-up procedure completed at the same time as the initial removal of the nerve and blood vessel.
  • Have the crown added to the tooth about one week after the root canal, to strengthen, stabilize and further protect the

The good news for San Francisco and Embarcadero patients is a root canal can almost instantaneously improve the symptoms previously felt. Some minor discomfort may be felt as a result of the root canal, but it will slowly fade away. When patients get a root canal with Dr. Skoulas, they will feel better, become healthier and start smiling big again in no time.

Caring For Teeth Following A Root Canal

It’s important to follow the advice provided by Dr. Skoulas after the root canal is performed. Patients may need to take a couple of days off from work to relax, depending on the nature of their job. Minimizing the amount of chewing on the tooth the root canal was performed on is suggested for at least a few days. Patients don’t want to contaminate the tooth that was previously giving them problems, and Dr. Skoulas will provide all the information required to ensure a successful process until the tooth is completely healed.

San Francisco Patients Trust Us

A root canal is one of those dental procedures no San Francisco patient wants to do, but you will feel like a new person once it’s completed. And when Dr. Skoulas performs the procedure, patients feel even better. Dr. Skoulas understands the discomfort patients are experiencing and always treat them with the respect they deserve. Our comforting personality makes even the toughest root canal easier to deal with.

While Dr. Skoulas job is to fix any tooth problem, it’s our passion to put smiles back on our patients’ faces. Our San Francisco and Embarcadero patients have busy lives and don’t have time to deal with tooth pain. Because of this, Dr. Skoulas is always willing to alter her schedule around their patients’ schedules to ensure they can feel normal again as quickly as possible. The availability, kindness, compassion, skill, and experience of all lead to great results and unmatched trust for her patients.

Schedule A Consultation Today

A root canal is often not as bad as it seems and can be welcomed by patients since it helps make them feel better almost instantaneously. When San Francisco and Embarcadero patients call our office to schedule a consultation, Dr. Skoulas will evaluate their teeth and determine if a root canal is the best course of action. She will then clearly lay out their plan, answer any questions, describe the process in detail and set proper expectations.

Your comfort is our number one priority at our practice, and we will go out of our way to ensure you are comfortable and confident before performing the root canal. From the time you walk through our doors for your consultation until you’re fully recovered from your procedure, we will be with you every step of the way.

To learn more about root canals in general and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Skoulas, contact us at (415) 757-0110 today. You will be one step closer to a smile you can be proud of and ready to show off.