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Cosmetic Dentist & Veneers in San Francisco


Dr. Antigone Skoulas serves dental patients in San Francisco who need veneers.

Excellent Care

Our team is equipped with the latest technology to provide exceptional dental care.

Patient Centric

We provide our services in a comfortable, state-of-the-art facility.

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Dr. Antigone Skoulas San Francisco

Dr. Skoulas strives to make quality dental care accessible for everyone in San Francisco while maintaining the highest standards of efficiency and comfort.

She understands that each patient has unique needs and preferences, so she follows an individualized, patient-centric approach in her commitment to yield impeccable results. Her flexible approach to dentistry allows patients to feel at ease and confident throughout the procedure.

Dr. Skoulas genuinely cares about her patients and her concern for you goes beyond your smile. Her services are aimed at improving your overall health and wellbeing.

Meet Dr. Skoulas

Results Seen on TV!

Dr. Skoulas’ patients get featured on TV for their bright, beautiful smiles! She takes pride in helping them feel confident. Move the slider to see former Bachelorette contestant, Grant Kemp’s smile transformation!

Want to see more smiles?

Dr. Skoulas has treated several patients across San Francisco. Her skill and customer service ensure that they love the outcome!

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Our Treatment Specialities

Dr. Skoulas and her team have an undying passion for enhancing smiles. We don’t want to see broken, misaligned, or stained teeth robbing you of your confidence and smile. From oral health to cosmetic needs, our dentistry services cover everything!

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Veneers are a quick and effective way to create your perfect smile. In addition, they conserve tooth structure while providing a highly aesthetic and natural-looking result. Porcelain Veneers, provided by one of the best cosmetic dentists, such as Dr. Skoulas, are custom made to the individual’s lip form, face, skin tone, and personality.

About Veneers
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Crown & Bridge

Dental crowns and bridges offer a permanent and reliable solution to broken or missing teeth. We offer premium-quality crown and bridge services to strengthen damaged teeth. Our specialists will come up with a customized plan that suits your needs and concerns. We carefully cement the fixed prosthetic devices onto the teeth to improve their appearance, shape, alignment and bite.

About Crown and Bridge
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Invisalign is quickly becoming the preferred method of straightening teeth. Braces can be uncomfortable, and it’s easy to be self-conscious about the appearance of them on the teeth. With Invisalign, patients can enjoy their teeth slowly straightening with custom aligners specifically molded to fit their smile. Getting straighter teeth without any interference or irritation is completely achievable when patients get Invisalign.

About Invisalign
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Dental Implants

Dental implants are a permanent tooth-replacement system used to restore oral function and aesthetics for those who have loose, missing, damaged, or diseased teeth. When you visit Dr. Skoulas for an initial consultation, she will perform a full evaluation and develop an individualized treatment plan to achieve your goals and restore your ability to eat and speak without worry or embarrassment. Dr. Skoulas provides beautiful, natural-looking results for every dental implant patient.

About Dental Implants

Our Patients Love Their New Smiles

“The most fun I’ve had at a dentist in a LONG time. Maybe ever. I even had to get a small cavity filled and I was still enjoying my time. Everyone is really cool and personable, but still gets the job done. I kinda want to work here.”

– Cristina C.

For us, our patients’ needs, interests, and satisfaction are our topmost priority. From our very first interaction, we strive to make them feel welcomed and comfortable. Our goal is to ensure a top-class experience for you so that you keep coming back to us!

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Latest Blog Post

In our blog section, you can find informative write-ups and insightful comments related to cosmetic and general dentistry. If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them in the comments section below each post.

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How Long Do Dental Implants Actually Last (and 5 Tips on How to Take Care of Them)

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