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Routine Dental Care

Dental Anxiety, Discomfort, and Anesthesia

Treatment for Professionals in the Embarcadero, San Francisco

Cost, Insurance, and Financing

Routine Dental Care

Skoulas DDS is a general and cosmetic dental practice. We offer regular exams and cleanings for our patients. In cases in which Dr. Skoulas identifies a concern, such as a cavity, she will create a treatment plan to resolve the issue. She can also make recommendations to patients about any aesthetic concerns they have with their smile.

Children and adults should visit the dentist two times a year for checkup appointments, during which they will have exams and cleanings. Depending on the health of your teeth and gums, Dr. Skoulas may advise you to visit more frequently.

Cavities occur before you start to feel sensitivity or pain. By the time you experience symptoms, the cavity likely has expanded to affect the tooth nerve, possibly requiring a root canal. Regular checkups can catch these concerns before they develop.

Dr. Skoulas can perform routine tooth extractions after a clinical evaluation determines that the tooth is not restorable. She will refer complex cases to an oral surgeon. Dr. Skoulas always diagnoses and plans wisdom teeth extractions in consultation with an oral surgery specialist.

Dental Anxiety, Discomfort, And Anesthesia

Dr. Skoulas prioritizes patient comfort and talks with them about options for improving their experience, from specialized anesthesia protocols to distraction with music and our personal entertainment system. Even in more extensive procedures, there are usually options for reducing anxiety during treatment.

We use every resource we can to minimize discomfort:

  • Dr. Skoulas takes the time to educate you about the procedure so that you understand what is happening at every step.
  • Before beginning treatment, we offer dental patients the ability to listen to Spotify music or to watch Netflix on video goggles. Each can help you ignore the sound and sight of dental work.
  • Dr. Skoulas employs special anesthesia protocols and can use nitrous to reduce anxiety.
  • Many patients prefer to have the numbing effects of anesthesia removed after treatment. Dr. Skoulas can reverse the anesthetic agent so that you only experience about a half-hour of numbness following a procedure. Patients love that they do not have to stay numb for the typical 3-4 hours using this reversal agent.

Treatment For San Francisco Professionals

Skoulas DDS designed its practice around the needs of working professionals. We are centrally located in the financial district and easy to visit before, during, and after the work day.

Just as important to our dental patients is Skoulas DDS’ approach to scheduling. Typically, we book patients for longer appointments and work efficiently to complete treatment sooner. This way, everyone under our care has the time they require for treatment, and each patient can be seen on time.

We offer flexible appointment times to meet the needs of our patients, many of whom are professionals who require early and late appointments.

Yes, we accept San Francisco and Embarcadero dental patients with emergencies for walk-in visits. Also, our cloud-based scheduling system allows you to schedule an appointment—emergency or otherwise—outside of typical office hours.

Cost, Insurance, And Financing

Dr. Skoulas designs each treatment plan to the individual patient’s needs, and patients may use different resources, such as insurance or payment plans, to cover their cost. We are happy to discuss the cost of procedures during your visit.

It is likely that we do, as our practice takes many different forms of insurance. Contact us and we can offer you a quick answer.

Yes, we are accepting new patients. If you are a current patient and know someone who could benefit from our services, please let us know that you have made a referral so we can thank you.


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