The financing team at our practice minimizes expense and maximizes benefits for our patients in the Embarcadero area of San Francisco. Dental insurance and dental financing programs help you receive efficient, comfortable, quality care.

Come to our offices to discuss your treatment, and then meet with our staff to talk through the payment options available to you.

Dental Insurance

Our practice accepts many different insurance plans and will help identify the benefits you should receive from your provider. We can verify your expected cost before you agree to treatment so that you make your decision based on the best information available.

Our patients appreciate our solution-oriented approach to covering the cost of treatment, and they know that we are focused on their care over their insurance. We will answer any questions you may have about the process, help you file efficiently, and aim to get you treatment as quickly as possible.

We are contracted with Cigna, Delta, and several other PPOs. Please contact the office for specific insurance inquiries.

Dental Financing

San Francisco and Embarcadero patients who do not have dental insurance may consider financing their treatment:

  • Our dental financing team will develop a plan based on our doctors’ examinations and treatment recommendations.
  • We will take the time to discuss the financial plan, respond to your questions, and help you have a clear understanding of how the process works.
  • Most non-emergency treatments don’t have to take place immediately, so neither does your decision. Feel free to contact our office for further information after your initial appointment.

Many of our patients in the Embarcadero area of San Francisco finance their dental procedures through CareCredit: a healthcare credit card designed specifically for these expenses. CareCredit lets you to make monthly payments for treatment, and it offers short-term financing options that are better than many typical credit cards. For more information, visit

Whichever method you choose, our practice will provide a no-pressure, completely transparent experience so that you can make the right decision for your needs. We invite you to learn more by visiting our practice.

Receive treatment in a timely and affordable manner with dental financing and dental insurance. San Francisco and Embarcadero patients can contact Skoulas DDS to learn more.