Skoulas, DDS And Associates is the leading dental practice in the San Francisco Bay area for adults needing cosmetic and restorative care. Dr. Skoulas and her professional staff help enhance smiles with a full range of services, from teeth whitening to full mouth reconstruction.

Skoulas, DDS And Associates’s scan digital images, rather than old-fashioned, uncomfortable putty, allow Dr. Skoulas to immediately transfer mouth impressions to her master dental technician in Beverly Hills. Like Dr. Skoulas, this master ceramist is a trained artist, does everything by hand, and provides the best ceramic work in the industry.

This modern, state-of-the-art office has been thoughtfully designed to maximize your comfort and enhance your experience. Skoulas, DDS And Associates’s staff is fully trained to answer your questions and provide a warm, friendly atmosphere, all while being devoted in providing the best in cosmetic and restorative dental care. Preventive dentistry services are also available.

Dr. Skoulas designed our practice, to meet the needs of professionals in San Francisco’s business district and the Embarcadero area. As a general and cosmetic dentist, she offers a level of care that earns long-term patient relationships. She also has special insight into the needs of the business community and applies her background to ongoing improvement in the patient experience.

About Our San Francisco Dentist Practice

If you are a working professional, you need an SF dentist that can:

  • Meet your availability, which may include early mornings and late afternoons.
  • Keep a predictable schedule so that you can stay on yours.
  • Provide both routine treatment and cosmetic procedures.
  • Be available for emergency care.
  • Offer modern amenities and a comfortable in-office experience.

Dr. Skoulas exceeds each of these measures. We can arrange appointments based on your availability, including weekends as necessary, and we utilize advanced scheduling tools to ensure appointment times are met as expected.

As a cosmetic and aesthetic dentist, Dr. Skoulas provides services ranging from examinations and cleanings to tooth repair, cavity treatment, and smile restoration. Our modern cloud-based communications platform also makes it possible to reach out to Dr. Skoulas for emergency care.

Dental Amenities

When you visit our San Francisco dentist practice, you will benefit from:

  • A convenient, modern, and attractive setting. Our location downtown is easily accessible to working professionals.
  • A comfortable atmosphere. Dr. Skoulas is highly compassionate when it comes to anxiety about dental treatment. Expect sensitive and attentive care based on your needs as well as an extensive anesthetic protocol.
  • A personal entertainment system. We provide the ability to listen to Spotify or watch Netflix on a set of head-mounted goggles, which block out the sound and view of the dentist’s work.
  • Financial assistance. We accept a variety of insurance plans and will coordinate payment to reduce your liability and maximize your insurance benefit.

Everything we do is backed by a commitment to quality. We ensure this through a variety of measures, including feedback forms that track performance upwards and downwards in our organization and customer service surveys for our patients.

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Dr. Antigone Skoulas San Francisco

SF dentist Dr. Antigone Skoulas prioritizes patient comfort, efficiency, and quality care.

She ensures that those under her treatment understand their options and have confidence in their procedures, and she adds to the capabilities of our SF practice through her professional development as a dentist and the knowledge of her staff.

About Dr. Skoulas