Posted on July 1, 2015 Middle Aged Woman in Fur Vest

If you are missing teeth, you may face a wide variety of challenges. It may be harder for you to chew food and drink without all of your teeth. You may also speak with a lisp or accidentally spit while you are talking. You may also feel highly self-conscious about smiling or laughing in public. Missing teeth can harm your self-esteem, hold you back from advancing at work, and hurt your dating and relationship prospects.

What you need is a dental bridge, which can support implants that look and work like real teeth. With a dental bridge in place, your smile will be complete, and you’ll feel much more confident about eating, drinking, and laughing in public.

Of course, cosmetic and implant dental work can be expensive, which is why you should consider an AP Zirconia Bridge. This type of bridge was created my Jorg Muller, a Master Dental Ceramist at Antigone Skoulas, DDS and Associates. An AP Zirconia bridge is entirely safe, more biocompatible than metal based bridges, natural looking, and more affordable than conventional porcelain-to-metal restorations.

Contact us today to learn if you would be a good candidate for an Implant Supported AP Zirconia Bridge. At Antigone Skoulas, DDS and Associates, Dr. Skoulas has been helping people with dental bridges for 25 years!