mature-blonde-woman-in-grey-sweater-1Patients want a smile they can share—not one they have to hide. As a cosmetic dentist in San Francisco, Dr. Skoulas combines modern techniques and technology with high-quality care to give patients the smiles they deserve. Some patients don’t even realize they are hiding their smile since it’s been a habit for so many years. Flashing a healthy smile can benefit one’s self-esteem as well as positively impact others around them.

Benefits From A Smile Makeover

Cosmetic dentistry is a multispecialty approach to improve the appearance of teeth. Dr. Skoulas helps SF patients with a variety of concerns, such as:


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Crooked teeth and cramped space in the mouth.

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Overgrown gums and bone loss.

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Broken teeth, missing teeth, and bite problems.

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Yellow or discolored teeth.

Even if only a few teeth have concerns, they can affect the harmony of the entire smile. Our San Francisco Cosmetic Dentist can examine any issue a patient has and make recommendations for improvement.

But what may be some of the most beneficial aspects of a smile makeover with a cosmetic dentist is the boost of self-confidence and self-esteem that comes with having straighter and prettier teeth. When San Francisco patients feel more confident in themselves, it can greatly benefit their career, whether it’s finding the right job or advancing at their current company.

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Dr. Antigone Skoulas San Francisco

SF dentist Dr. Antigone Skoulas prioritizes patient comfort, efficiency, and quality care.

She ensures that those under her treatment understand their options and have confidence in their procedures, and she adds to the capabilities of our SF practice through her professional development as a dentist and the knowledge of her staff.

About Dr. Skoulas

What To Expect From An SF Cosmetic Dentist

During the appointment, Dr. Skoulas will typically:


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Conduct an examination to identify oral health and aesthetic concerns.

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Take photographs and X-rays to develop a digital image of the patient’s smile.

treatment plan icon

Prepare an appropriate treatment plan.

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Provide an image of what the enhanced smile could look like.

A treatment plan can be as simple as minor adjustments to the shape of the teeth. It may also be more complex and involve multiple treatments with specialists, such as oral surgeons. Dr. Skoulas will help the patient compare treatment options so an informed decision can be made.

The length of the treatment with a San Francisco cosmetic dentist depends on the procedures approved. Typically, it ranges from one month to 3 years. A patient who only needs teeth whitening or veneers will have a different timeline compared to a patient who requires extensive dental and cosmetic procedures.

No matter which treatment is needed, Dr. Skoulas is a cosmetic dentist that will always be committed to giving the best care possible and will offer high-quality treatment in each procedure. If it’s time to smile more easily, comfortably, and confidently, schedule an appointment with our practice today.

Teeth Whitening With A Cosmetic Dentist in San Francisco

San Francisco is a fast-paced city where our patients work and play hard. To succeed, our patients need every edge they can get. Having a powerful, bright smile to light up a room is something that can have a huge impact on a patient’s career. That’s why Dr. Skoulas is the best cosmetic dentist and offers both in-office whitening and take-home kits that can be done on the patient’s time.


In-office Teeth Whitening

This procedure is a patient favorite. It takes less than an hour, and our cutting-edge methods can brighten teeth by one or two shades in just a single treatment.
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Take home option

For San Francisco patients that have tooth sensitivity or less enamel, our take-home trays can be a better option. Even though this method takes longer, the risks of increased tooth sensitivity are minimal.
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A quick consultation with a great cosmetic dentist, like Dr. Skoulas, will determine if a patient is a good candidate for teeth whitening. If teeth whitening is not an option for any reason, then an alternate cosmetic dentistry procedure will be suggested to ensure the patient receives their desired results.

Why Work With Dr. Skoulas in SF?

From the very first day Dr. Skoulas has worked to provide a welcoming and anxiety-free space for all of their patients who need a cosmetic dentist. SF patients are always busy, which is why our office is conveniently located in the heart of the downtown financial district and Embarcadero areas. We’re close by so our San Francisco patients can come in for a cleaning or a quick procedure. Having a brilliant and gorgeous smile can go a long way in our patients’ careers and social lives.

Aesthetic Dentistry Restores Confidence

A person’s teeth are central to their professional appearance, and a cosmetic dentist can help. Maintaining their health and appearance matters because:

  • Damaged or decaying teeth can become infected, and the pain can be a distraction at work.
  • Uneven or discolored teeth can prevent a person from smiling and limit the way they interact with colleagues and clients.
  • Missing teeth can give the face a collapsed appearance, making it look less youthful and energetic.

Resolving these concerns can dramatically improve the way a person approaches even the simplest activities at work, like contributing during meetings or volunteering for projects. A healthier, improved smile can also change the way they socialize, whether out with friends or spending time with family. People sometimes don’t realize their life has been altered because of the appearance of their teeth, either professionally or socially. As a cosmetic dentist will work to restore the confidence of each patient so they can focus on their career and hobbies.

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Solutions For Almost Any Dental Concern

Dr. Skoulas focuses her procedures on the issues that matter most in aesthetic dentistry. San Francisco patients come to a cosmetic dentist for treatments such as root canals to address infection, teeth whitening to brighten smiles, and crowns and bridges to repair teeth.

During the initial visit, we will prepare a treatment plan based on a patient’s goals and the health of their smile. Our office schedules the procedure around the patient’s schedule, providing convenient lunchtime appointments with minimal downtime. Our office uses advanced equipment and techniques to create a digital model of the teeth and of the results we plan to achieve.

With this approach, each patient can see what treatment can do before they make any commitments. Patients will also have the appointment availability needed to fit these appointments into their busy schedules.

The Role Age Plays In Dental Health

As San Francisco patients get older, age becomes a factor in their overall dental health. Teeth can decay over time, no matter how good a person’s dental hygiene habits are. On the other hand, teeth can sometimes make a person look older than they actually are based solely on their appearance.

No matter the situation, cosmetic dentistry can help make the teeth look younger again, which will give the patient an overall youthful appearance. There aren’t many substitutes for great-looking teeth, so if they are beginning to age, then Dr. Skoulas can make them look young again.

Common Procedures Used In Aesthetic Dentistry For San Francisco Patients

San Francisco patients come to us for a variety of different teeth and smile issues that they’d like Dr. Skoulas to fix. Dr. Skoulas performs a detailed examination on all of their patients and then recommend a treatment method to help the patients reach their goals. For aesthetic dentistry, these are a few of the most common procedures that we use to give every mouth and smile a more pleasant appearance.


Porcelain veneers are a fabulous option for our patients that have damaged, crooked, discolored, or uneven teeth. Veneers are a paper-thin piece of porcelain that is bonded to the front surface of the tooth. This is a great option for patients who want to avoid the cost and time investment of orthodontics or having their teeth replaced. Dr. Skoulas matches the veneers to the shape and color of the other teeth, so they look completely natural.


For patients who want to straighten out their teeth without veneers or braces, Invisalign may be the best route. Invisalign is a teeth straightening system that uses clear, removable plastic trays to shift the teeth gradually. They are discreet, can be taken out at will, and are much more comfortable than braces.

Teeth Whitening

Having brilliant white teeth is a huge part of aesthetic dentistry. San Francisco patients that enjoy coffee, wine, or who smoke can develop discoloration on their teeth. Dr. Skoulas offers several teeth whitening options, including our in-office whitening service that can brighten the teeth by one or two shades in about an hour.

Crowns and Bridges

If a patient has a terrible cavity, has fractured their tooth or even has a missing tooth, crowns and bridges can give them a brand new, natural-looking tooth. A crown is used to replace a single tooth while a bridge can replace multiple teeth. Using a crown, Dr. Skoulas can remove just a portion of a damaged tooth to create a natural foundation for the crown. From there, she can attach the crown to the top leaving patients with a strong chewing surface.

Comfort Is Our Top Priority

We understand that many of our San Francisco patients experience anxiety and stress when they need to go to the dentist. That’s exactly why Dr. Skoulas has invested in the absolute latest in sedation dentistry. We offer a range of sedation options, including nitrous oxide to help patients relax. All our patients can enjoy Netflix or Spotify during their treatment as well. Plus, after the appointment, we can use a local anesthetic reversal agent that greatly reduces the amount of time the mouth will be numb. Our patients love how they can return to work without having to worry about part of their mouth being numb.


Ready To Improve Your Smile?

Did you know that smiling is scientifically proven to benefit your health? More than that, the act of smiling can also benefit the health of others! If you have been hiding your smile for years because you are embarrassed by unsightly defects, cosmetic dentist Dr. Skoulas can help!

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Expected Results With Cosmetic Dentistry

When San Francisco patients decide to pursue a cosmetic dentistry procedure, they understandably want the results to be quick and last a long time. Of course, the type of work being completed is a major factor in the timing. However, a good cosmetic dentist will always set realistic expectations, from both timing and results standpoints, so patients will always be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Transforming an entire smile can take some time, so it’s important to be patient, follow the recommendations provided by Dr. Skoulas and enjoy the amazing results afterward.

Convenient Location For Effective Aesthetic Dentistry

San Francisco professionals love how we are located so close to where they work. This convenience allows them to:

  • Have treatment without taking significant time away from their job.
  • Receive care in a modern, upscale setting.
  • Come in as needed for both routine cleanings and aesthetic dentistry.

We provide the highest level of care to all our patients. Dr. Skoulas follows the latest protocols in dental and aesthetic procedures. She invests in new technology for greater patient comfort and better outcomes, and she takes the time to explain procedures and answer questions—all while keeping appointments on time and efficient.

As a busy professional, we offer the opportunity for patients to improve their smile and maintain proper oral health. We invite all of our first-time patients to visit our practice, speak with our cosmetic dentist and experience all that we have to offer.

How To Get Started

If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist in San Francisco, patients can just pick up the phone and call our office at (415) 757-0110. When you call, you’ll always be greeted by one of our expertly-trained staff. Hearing from potential patients is something we always look forward to. And if you’ve visited us before for any type of dental work, we welcome the opportunity to work with you again.

We’re happy to talk with you about your concerns, answer your questions, and learn more about what your unique dental needs are. From there, the next step is to get you into our modern and stylish office for a stress-free consultation with Dr. Skoulas.

Cosmetic Dentistry Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

    Cosmetic dentistry covers an extensive array of procedures. Some of the most common cosmetic dentistry offerings are tooth whitening, composite dental bonding, and porcelain veneers.

  • Why Do Patients Get Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

    Your smile should be one of your most prized possession. Dr. Skoulas strives to give their patients beautiful, long-lasting smiles that help them make their best first impressions. Some of the cosmetic problems that patients typically see her for include:

    • Worn down teeth
    • Chipped teeth
    • Fractured teeth
    • Yellow teeth

    Cosmetic dentistry gives you a flawless smile with teeth that are evenly spaced, pleasingly shaped, white, and healthy. Your smile makeover with cosmetic dentistry can involve just one tooth or your entire mouth, as in the case of a full-mouth reconstruction or smile makeover.

  • What Is A Smile Makeover?

    Depending on your individual needs, your smile makeover can be simple enough to complete in just two short visits.

    Dr. Skoulas will first discuss your aesthetic dentistry goals, allowing you to pick the final product. She will then evaluate your teeth for your smile makeover during your first visit so that she can determine the best course of treatment.

    For simple whitening cases, Skoulas, DDS, can perform in-office teeth whitening treatments in about an hour, and they will last up to three years.

Plan a visit with Dr. Skoulas in San Francisco, by calling (415) 757-0110 or contacting our practice online.