Professional dental organizations recognize the effectiveness of BOTOX® for TMJ. This treatment is now considered a comprehensive, effective, and safe treatment for disorders of the temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) and issues that cause pain and tension in the jaw.

Dr. Skoulas is a certified general and cosmetic dentist in San Francisco, CA, who has successfully prescribed and performed BOTOX® for TMJ on numerous patients of varying profiles. He is pleased to see his patients get free from the agony, the unrelenting discomfort, and the negative esthetic effects of jaw tension and TMJ related disorders.

Choosing BOTOX® for TMJ Disorders & Jaw Tension

BOTOX® is a relatively new treatment that is advised for a range of esthetic facial problems. In particular, it is more or less an experimental treatment for TMJ due mainly to the fact it is quite recent. However, seasoned cosmetic dentists and professional organizations researching cosmetic dental treatments believe there is ample evidence to consider BOTOX®, a reliable way to treat these disorders and problems of the jaw.

As an alternative treatment method, BOTOX® has proven to be highly successful for TMJ and associated issues. Many patients choose it because it a non-invasive and quick treatment, especially when compared to many other conventional dental treatments.

How BOTOX® Treats TMJ & Jaw Tension

Jaw tension and TMJ cause significant pain and discomfort in facial muscles, making them sore and creating a constant source of stress for the patient.

BOTOX® has proven to relieve these symptoms for a majority of jaw tension and TMJ patients. The relief is quite significant in most of these cases. For instance, many patients develop a lockjaw situation when they are in a lot of stress due to their jaw tension or TMJ problems. BOTOX® has proven to effectively minimize severe lockjaw for these patients.

Dr. Skoulas, who has years of clinical experience as a general and cosmetic dentist in San Francisco, CA, is among those skilled professionals who have mastered the BOTOX® treatment and believe it can be very beneficial to many of their patients. This is because the method does not involve surgery, which is the conventional method for treating TMJ and jaw tension.

The whole process takes one session – or more – in Dr. Skoulas’s office with no need for hospital stay or sedation during the procedure. In the comfortable and friendly environment of Dr. Skoulas’s office, the procedure feels like another regular visit to the dentist’s.

The injections administered with BOTOX® for TMJ target affected facial muscles, and the substance builds up resistance against the tension. Most patients going through BOTOX® treatment for TMJ or jaw tension start feeling relief from the very next day while some others feel a noticeable change within a week.

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Dr. Skoulas carefully examines each case of TMJ and jaw tension before determining the course of action. Depending on the patient profile, and the intensity of symptoms, Dr. Skoulas discusses the treatment plan with the patient or their parent(s)/guardian if they are legal minors. He prescribes BOTOX® for TMJ suitably and has recorded a high success rate for treating his patients with this method.

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