San Francisco Teeth Whitening

Whether you have always wanted a more noticeable smile or your teeth have yellowed over time, whiter and brighter teeth can completely rejuvenate your appearance.

For patients in San Francisco, teeth whitening by Skoulas DDS is a non-invasive and routine procedure that improves the aesthetics of the smile. Advances in techniques and technology have made treatment faster, more affordable, and more effective than ever before. Learn how our practice can help you get the results you want to achieve.

Options for Teeth Whitening

Dr. Skoulas can discuss several treatments for teeth whitening with you and can advise you about which to choose based on your timeframe for improvement, past dental work, and any oral sensitivity you may have.

With in-office teeth whitening:

  • Skoulas DDS will lighten your smile by one-to-two shades.
  • You will be finished with treatment in about one hour.
  • You will be able to see the results immediately.

San Francisco teeth whitening patients may notice some sensitivity for a period following treatment. Those with sensitive teeth or minimal enamel because of wear and bite problems should consider alternative treatments, such as the take-home option:

  • We will provide dental trays and bleaching material that you will use at home.
  • Expect to wear the trays once a day for 20-30 minutes on both the upper and lower teeth.
  • Generally, patients follow treatment for one-to-three months to achieve the same results as the in-office approach. While it takes longer to see improvement, the at-home treatment gives you greater control over the amount of whitening and sensitivity that can occur.

Follow-Up Care for San Francisco Teeth Whitening Patients

If you notice that your teeth feel sensitive after treatment, please talk with Skoulas DDS. We have several solutions that can help you feel more comfortable and enjoy your results.

For example, Dr. Skoulas can provide you with remineralizing toothpaste, which replaces lost tooth calcium and seals exposed dentin, helping reduce sensitivity. She can also make recommendations about ways to prevent discomfort, such as avoiding certain foods and drinks until sensitivity subsides.

If you are ready to improve the appearance of your teeth and would like to explore your options, contact Skoulas DDS. A great smile can be yours quickly, comfortably, and affordably.

What Causes Teeth Discoloration?

Many of our patients realize that in this fast-paced and highly competitive job market that any advantage can help. Having a shimmering, bright white smile can go a long ways in helping our patients achieve their goals and feel confident about themselves. But over time, there are some things that can cause teeth to become discolored and require teeth whitening. San Francisco patients can often counteract these issues with just a few treatments from Dr. Skoulas.

  • Age – Time is no friend to the color and brightness of your teeth. As we age, the outer layer of our teeth–the enamel–will start to yellow. The reason this happens is that the enamel becomes thinner and more transparent, exposing the yellowish dentin layer underneath.
  • Genetics – Just like your eye and hair color, some people are just born with whiter teeth. In these cases, teeth whitening will only go so far to whiten the teeth. But even if you weren’t given the gift of white teeth, you can still get fabulous results with other options like veneers or crowns.
  • Smoking – Even though cigarette use is on the decline, many of our patients still smoke. Not only is cigarette smoke one of the most powerful staining substances to your teeth, but it can also cause gum disease.
  • Food and drink – Coffee, tea, and wine are all some of the biggest offenders when it comes to teeth stains. Even dark-colored soda, blueberries, and lots of food dyes can also leave your teeth a little darker. The good news here is that these stains respond very well to teeth whitening. San Francisco patients who may rely a little too heavily on coffee to get them through the day can still get a sparkling smile with teeth whitening.
  • Trauma – In some cases, trauma to a tooth can cause it to darken because of bleeding inside the tooth. Also, if the trauma happened early in life, the tooth may be discolored because it failed to develop properly.

Other Options to Teeth Whitening

San Francisco patients whose teeth are discolored because of stains on the outside can get fabulous results with teeth whitening treatment. But some of the other causes of discoloration–age, genetics, and trauma–the stains can be more difficult or impossible to erase. But there are still other options available for these patients to get gorgeous, white smiles.

  • Porcelain veneers – If your teeth are discolored because of age, genetics, or trauma, veneers are a great option. Veneers are paper-thin shells of porcelain that are bonded to the surface of the teeth. The veneers can be made in any color shade and fabricated to match your original teeth. They are very durable, and our San Francisco patients absolutely love the results they get.
  • Crowns – Another option for permanently discolored teeth are crowns. In this option, the cap of the discolored or dead tooth is ground down, and a new beautiful white crown is secured in its place.

Learn more about teeth whitening in San Francisco. Schedule your appointment with Skoulas DDS now.

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