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Strong teeth give you an attractive smile, a comfortable bite, and better oral health. Even with proper care, though, cavities can develop and weaken the structure of your teeth. Small cavities are generally found on the biting surface of the teeth where bacteria can get lodged in pits and crevices, or in between the teeth, which we call “flossing cavities.”

With dental fillings, San Francisco patients can resolve small cavities and prevent bigger issues. Dr. Skoulas uses tooth-colored composites so that your fillings will look and feel just like part of your natural tooth.

The Benefits of Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are a non-invasive and effective treatment for cavities, and they promote the long-term health of your smile. Not all dental fillings are equal, however, as the materials and methods a dentist uses can yield very different results. That’s why Skoulas DDS:

  • Selects high-quality components and bonding systems based on current dental research. Dr. Skoulas continually monitors technology, techniques, and other advancements in treatment.
  • Chooses dental fillings that minimize postoperative sensitivity and make placement faster. As a result, the process is efficient and much more comfortable for you.
  • Takes the time to select color and shade matches for your tooth. Our commitment to every detail means no one will notice that you had a cavity.

What San Francisco Dental Filling Patients Can Expect

Once Dr. Skoulas identifies that you have one or more cavities:

  • You will come in for an appointment that should last around 20 minutes (longer for multiple cavities.)
  • Dr. Skoulas will remove cavities and place the dental fillings.
  • She will chemically bond these composite restorations to the structure of the teeth.

After the procedure, you might have some sensitivity or notice that your teeth feel slightly different. Our materials choices help minimize these sensations. However, if you feel like your bite is off following treatment, Dr. Skoulas can resolve this issue with a five-minute fix; be sure to let our practice know if you have any concerns.

Why You Need Dental Fillings

San Francisco men and women are constantly rushing from work, to social engagements, to outdoor activities, and more. Throughout the day, the billions of bacteria in your mouth will collect on your teeth and form a sticky layer called plaque. The bacteria feed on the food and sugar that gets stuck to the surface of your teeth. As the bacteria eat, they produce a powerful acidic substance as a waste byproduct. Your teeth are protected by a hard layer of enamel (the hardest substance your body can make), but this acid will eventually eat through it. When this happens, cavities are formed.

Now, once the bacteria are through the enamel, they’ll start consuming the soft, porous interior of the tooth. If left untreated, this will cause an infection that can require a root canal or a full tooth extraction to treat. A simple dental filling stops the decay before it gets to that point.

How Dental Fillings Work

The idea with dental fillings is pretty simple: remove the decaying tooth material and fill the hole it with a strong, medical-grade filling material. In the past, dentists used a substance called amalgam that was made up of several different metals including silver and mercury. Thanks to many advancements in modern dentistry, there are much better options for our San Francisco patients. Dr. Skoulas only uses the safest and most cutting-edge materials for our patients’ safety and the longevity of the filling.

The Procedure for Dental Fillings

San Francisco patients that come to Dr. Skoulas for a dental filling will experience some of the most gentle, efficient, and compassionate dental care in the region. We offer the absolute latest in sedation options including nitrous oxide gas (laughing gas) and more.

After numbing the area around the tooth to be treated, Dr. Skoulas begins removing the decayed part of the tooth caused by the bacteria. From there, Dr. Skoulas will apply the filling material and ensure that it has set and hardened. If the filling is on the chewing surface of the tooth, Dr. Skoulas will check to see if the patient’s bite and chewing ability isn’t hampered by the filling. She’ll polish the filling down so that the teeth come together comfortably.

Replacing Old Dental Fillings

San Francisco patients that have had dental fillings for many years may sometimes benefit from having them replaced. While fillings can sometimes last for several decades or even a lifetime, there can be several reasons for replacing them.

  • Cracks and gaps – Over time the fillings in your teeth can start to crack or pull away from the tooth. This allows bacteria to get deep into the tooth and cause an infection. Replacing the filling will strengthen the teeth and keep them healthy.
  • Decay – If your fillings have already cracked or are letting bacteria seep into the inside of your tooth, Dr. Skoulas may recommend replacing them if she sees signs of decay.
  • Aesthetics – Some of our San Francisco patients who had silver fillings may want to switch them out for white, tooth-colored composite filling. Not only do some patients find their silver fillings to be unappealing, but in some cases, the fillings can actually turn the teeth a dark gray color.

Schedule an appointment with Skoulas DDS to find out if you need dental fillings. San Francisco patients: contact us online or by phone.

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