San Francisco Crown & Bridge Procedures

Whether you have a fractured tooth, a large cavity, or missing teeth, Skoulas DDS can repair your smile with crown & bridge procedures.

San Francisco patients can restore functionality and aesthetics to their teeth with these simple and common treatments. Learn about the advantages that these procedures offer and how Dr. Skoulas ensures patient comfort and provides lasting results.

The Benefits of Crown & Bridge

If one of your teeth has significant damage, a simple filling may not resolve the problem. Dr. Skoulas may instead use a crown, which is a tooth-shaped appliance that goes over your original tooth. The crown:

  • Restores a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance to your tooth.
  • Replaces missing tooth structure due to cavitation or fracture. (It doesn’t seal large fillings)
  • Protects the tooth from further damage.

If you are missing a tooth or several teeth, Dr. Skoulas may instead recommend a bridge replacement. Bridges are made of three or more crowns that are attached to each other to replace missing teeth.

  • The missing tooth space is replaced with a tooth called a pontic.
  • The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth are used as anchors for the bridge.
  • Crowns are placed on the anchor teeth and the crowns are attached to the pontic tooth to create the three or more unit bridge.

Bridges are an excellent solution if you want a fixed restoration: one that you don’t have to remove every night since it is cemented in place.

For crown & bridge, San Francisco patients should choose a dental practice that uses high-quality materials and methods. Dr. Skoulas takes precise measurements during your preparation appointment. She always works with established dental labs that prioritize quality. When possible, she also chemically bonds the component to add greater strength to your tooth or teeth.

Well-made crowns and bridges should last years, are less likely to irritate your mouth, and will look more natural.

What San Francisco Crown & Bridge Patients Can Expect

With any procedure at our practice, you will benefit from Dr. Skoulas’ approach to patient care. She focuses on minimizing anxiety and discomfort through a range of measures, from our patient entertainment system with music and movies to special anesthesia protocols.

If Dr. Skoulas recommends that you have a crown:

  • She will address the fracture or cavity and prepare your tooth in the first appointment. You will leave with a temporary crown so that your smile’s aesthetics and proper bite are unaffected.
  • About two weeks later, the crown should be ready from our laboratory. In an appointment lasting about a half-hour and requiring no anesthetic, Dr. Skoulas will place this permanent crown.
  • She will ensure that the shade, contour, and bite feel comfortable and natural and advise you about ongoing care.

With a bridge:

  • Your preparation appointment will take place about 2 months after your teeth have been extracted. This will give your bone time to heal. For teeth that are missing in the front of your mouth, a longer time may be required for healing of the bone and tissue to make sure that the aesthetic result is perfect.
  • Dr. Skoulas will shape your teeth to fit properly with the bridge “abutments,” or anchors. Then, she will use a temporary bridge to replace your missing teeth. This process generally takes about an hour and a half.
  • Once the permanent bridge is ready from our lab—about two weeks later—Dr. Skoulas may recommend that you return for a quick try-in appointment, which will confirm a comfortable fit.
  • In your final visit, Dr. Skoulas will cement the permanent bridge in place. You won’t need anesthetic, and it should only take a half-hour.

With crown & bridge, San Francisco patients can expect that it will take a few days to get used to a repaired or restored tooth. Your bite may feel different, or the contour of your mouth may feel altered. Over time, you can expect to adjust to the sensation, and you should recover from any residual sensitivity.

If you find that your bite still isn’t comfortable after a few days, please contact Skoulas DDS so that we can address any concerns. We are here to help you achieve your perfect smile.

If you are ready to repair or restore your teeth, explore crown & bridge treatment in San Francisco. Schedule an appointment now with Skoulas DDS.

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