“I’ve been really happy with this dental office! I went in for a routine cleaning about a month ago, and have been back several times since to have some cavities taken care of. Each time was very pleasant (well, as pleasant as a trip to the dentist can be) — all the staff members are super friendly, approachable, and easy to talk to.”

“Dr. Skoulas was meticulous and thorough — she never rushed through the work to get to the next patient, and was instead really careful to make sure it looked and felt right before finishing. After some initial work revealed one of my cavities was much deeper than the x-ray showed, she thought that it might require an emergency root canal, depending on how it felt the following day. They encouraged me to call them if I felt any pain, but it was fine! They called me the next day (a Saturday) to check up on me all the same. She also fixed a filling I had done about 10 years ago on one of my front teeth, and it looks better than ever!
What I appreciate most about this office is how attentive the staff are to their patients — they’re really good at explaining things as they go, showing you the x-rays and charts, and asking your opinion. Sometimes dentists (or other health professionals) kinda talk over your head and don’t include you in what they’re doing. It’s great to find a dentist office that truly cares about the patient’s well-being, comfort, and preferences. They even have Netflix and Pandora for you to choose from while you have work done!”